Want to work on interesting projects?

At FT IT you will get the chance to be involved in exciting and unique projects, as our portfolio includes a wide range of clients from different domains. Our staff has taken on projects for companies in the energetic sector, constructions, oil and gas, Horeca, QMS, Business Intelligence and other related fields. We will help you put your abilities at use and find the projects that best suit your experience. Our company’s list of services includes: IT advisory, mobile APPs, web and desktop applications for business and process improvements, outsourcing of software developers, Wi-Fi & security solutions and support services.

Learn from your colleagues in Norway!

Another benefit of working with us is that you can go on a business trip in Norway at the client center located in Stavanger. The trip will take around 1 or 2 weeks, during which you will have the possibility to transfer professional knowledge, as well as enjoy a rich multicultural experience. Both the programmers and managers from Norway will be more than willing to teach you the techniques and procedures they use in their day-to-day work.

Flexible schedule & competitive salary

Our company values its staff’s comfort and believes in a long term collaboration! That is why we decided to establish a flexible schedule of 7,5 working hours per day + a half an hour daily lunch break. Furthermore, because we think competences should be rewarded correctly, the salary is an important aspect to us and is negotiable according to each candidate’s experience. All of our employees have individual work contracts and are given access to high-tech equipment like personal laptops and mobile phones. Should you decide to develop a career with us, we will ensure a professional working environment, as well as offer you a private medical insurance.

We encourage professional development.

At the beginning of your activity, you will be included in a 1 or 2 weeks training program at the “F5 IT School of Development”. Our experienced mentors will help you go through the software documentation, introduce you to the development procedures and give you presentations on internal applications. In addition to that, your assigned trainer will also challenge you to perform small tasks. These activities will help you get used to the development programs and give you the confidence you need to work independently. F5 IT’s team members are generally happy to answer any question and to share their programming knowledge with those willing to learn. Last but not least, we believe in personal professional growth even outside of the F5 IT context, meaning we will support your initiatives to attend IT courses or other similar training programs. Not only that, but we encourage our staff to participate to events that are relevant to our business, such as the Microsoft Summit in Bucharest.

For the moment we don’t have available jobs.

If you are interested to work at F5 IT, please fill in the form below or send your CV directly to office@f5it.ro . We’ll contact you when we’ll have an open position.






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