We would like to congratulate our colleague Liviu Barsan on succesfully passing his ISTQB (International Software Qualifications Board) examination. Liviu is now a Certified Tester and we are proud to have him in our team, as these newly aquired skills will ensure a higher quality of service provided to our customers.

Furthermore, we believe in the constant development of our team and encourage them to find new means by which they can grow professionally and add value to their work. For Liviu this is a great achievement, the ISTQB Certification being a global diploma that recognizes the applied knowledge and skills of software testing. The certification also provides a common vocabulary so that the testers can work effectively with other testers and developers, both within their own local team and around the world with other outsourced testers.

ISTQB software testing certification is not only essential for anyone at the beginning of their software testing career, but it also represents a gateway certification for experienced testers.

According to Liviu, obtaining the certification was really hard work, it involved studying and understanding new testing methods. He had to travel to Bucharest for several courses in September and study until December to ensure a guaranteed success in the certification exam. However, all the hard work and intensive studying paid off, Liviu says.

“Given the fact that this was the first testing course that I was part of, it was very interesting. Most importantly, I got to gain knowledge in this field in an interactive way. Now I can apply what I have learned in a professional manner. It was defintely worth all the effort!”

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