Life after 3 months at F5 IT:
“The most valuable lesson was the importance of cooperation in solution development”

It’s been three months since F5 IT’s two interns Andrei Nicoara and Adrian Mocanu joined the team of developers located in Constanta. This was part of the company’s initiative to offer an opportunity to those who are still studying, or have just finished an IT related university to get more acquainted with the day to day work of a software programmer. At the same time Mihai Lita has joined the team as a new developer, covering the need for an experienced professional to help with the high number of on-going projects. Now that internship program is over, we wanted to find out from all three of them how the whole experience went. In short, they seem to all agree that Miruna Chivu, Oana Cristian, Mihaela Coman and Radu Cojocaru have done a great job in mentoring them, but emphasizes that the other team members were equally helpful and friendly.

Let’s find out more from them in the interview below:

Q: Mihai, how did the first months at F5 IT go?

Mihai: The first months went smoothly, and I’d like to think it’s because of everyone here, in F5 IT Constanta, as they’ve helped us integrate so easily.

Andrei and Adrian, this was your first job. How to you feel about the whole experience at F5 IT?

Andrei: It was a constructive experience from which I learnt new skills and how to work in a team.

Adrian: The experience at F5 IT was a wonderful opportunity for me to put into practice what I have learnt in college, to learn new things and to share knowledge with experienced programmers. Overall, I enjoyed the time spent here and most certainly it will prove to have been worthwhile.

Q: How do you see yourselves now as compared to your first day at F5?

Mihai: I, for one, feel much more confident in myself and my skills.

Andrei: I feel like I am more developed intellectually and socially.

Adrian: In my first day at F5 IT I was a fresh college graduate with no prior experience in solution development. Even though I had theoretical and technical knowledge of the matter, during the time spent at F5 IT, I have learnt how these things are put into practice and also, more important, or at least as important is the fact that I have learnt how to work in a team and share ideas with other people.

Q: What was it like to work on a new application, Smart Vacation Planner?

Mihai: It was an interesting project, and apart from the experience gained working with involved technologies, we learned to work as a team and to overcome any challenge that arise.

Andrei: It was pleasant, as I did not have any experience in the field and I had to start from ground level, developing my learning capacity and problem solving abilities.

Adrian: Working on the Smart Vacation Planner application has proven to be challenging for both my problem solving skills and my co-operative skills as I had to develop a solution together with my other two teammates. Working on this solution, I have also grasped the entire process through which an application goes from a mere idea to a real life solution.

Q: How was the interaction with your mentors, the F5 IT developers?

Mihai: Everyone we interacted with, not just the mentors, they were very nice to us and willing to help.

Andrei: Both the mentors and the colleagues were open to communicate and help every time I asked.

Adrian: The developers at F5 IT, not just our mentors, were always eager to answer our questions and also to share knowledge so I believe that the interaction has proven to be beneficial for both sides.

Q: What was the most valuable lesson you’ve learnt from your mentors or from the other members of the F5 IT team?

Mihai: The most valuable lesson I’ve learned was about respecting and valuing your team members, projects come and go but you’re still working with the same people every day, so accepting them is, in my opinion, one of the most important things. As a second lesson and of the same importance is the willingness to admit when you’re wrong or when you need help.

Andrei: The most valuable lesson I’ve learnt was how to adapt to a new working environment in the field of software development.

Adrian: I have learnt many things from the members of F5 IT. However I do consider that the most valuable thing I have learnt from them is the importance of cooperation in solution development, nothing is impossible as long as the minds of several people are set towards the same purpose.

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