New members at F5 IT

– Mihai, Andrei & Adrian have finished the first week of training –

Since the beginning of last week, F5 IT Constanta has expanded its team of experts with 3 new members. While Mihai Lita has joined F5 IT as a programmer, Adrian Mocanu and Andrei Nicoara are part of the Summer Internship Program which our company has developed in partnership with Ovidius University. For more information on the successful projects, the department of Mathematics and Informatics has helped us achieve, visit our previous blog entries. In order for them to get a proper training, the induction period was taken over by four F5 IT senior programmers: Razvan Mandache, Oana Cristian, Daniel Corsei and Mihaela Coman.

The overall experience seems to have been highly enjoyable by both the trainers and the trainees. In short, Adrian, Andrei and Mihai proved that they are not only fast learners, but also eager to assimilate as much information as possible. The first week of training was divided into daily session, each dedicated to a different technology. Given the success of the program, on Monday this week, the three new members have already started on an F5 IT project – a revolutionary App that is meant to help companies organise employees’ vacation periods more efficiently.

Let’s see what the mentors had to say about the training, followed by a short interview with the new members.

“I had a day of teaching them SQL. Regarding this technology, they seem to handle it great. We didn’t encounter any problems, as they all had some knowledge from University and they seem to easily understand the new knowledge I transmitted them. I think they will all do well in the new project from the SQL perspective. On Friday we had a brief overview of everything the interns had learned in the previous days of the week. They started to work on a small project in order to review all the technologies implied in the new project they will start working on this week.”- Oana Cristian

Razvan Mandache shares Oana’s confident opinion and the three trainees will be a great addition to the team, due to the positive way the reacted to training.

„I was in charge of their training on Tuesday, when I gave them an introduction into AngularJS. In addition to this, I offered my support to the other mentors whenever it was needed and participated in the review on Friday. All three of the interns performed a great job. They seem very willing to learn and eager to start working on the Smart Vacation Planner project”- Razvan

New members at F5 IT

F5 IT’s programmers get to improve their mentoring abilities

Mihaela Coman mentioned that the experience was highly useful for the programmers involved. In her view, the fact that the three interns had different levels of experience has given those in charge of the learning sessions the chance to improve their training abilities.

„This internship is useful not only for our interns but also for us, the programmers. We learned to have different approaches depending on the knowledge each intern/new employee has. After this first week, I can say that they are eager to learn new things and even if almost everything is new for them, they seem to like the way we handle things. I was their trainer on their first day in F5 IT and I had to explain to them several basic ideas about the company, as well offer some details on how we operate internally. During the first part of the day, we had to do some configurations (connected to VSO, installed the IIS, SQL Management Studio and all the tools we need to start coding) and after that I showed them some code, how we handle tasks in visual studio online and started a discussion based on a project I’m working at this moment. The next 3 days covered the technologies we use in F5 IT and the last day, the interns and our new colleague had to create a simple app from scratch. This was meant to make them familiarize with the technologies and also to make them a bit more confident and open toward asking our help when needed.”- Mihaela Coman


In the interview below, we took into consideration the fact that Mihai has over 5 years of experience in the field of Oracle Development and challenged him to offer some tips to his training colleagues. We were also interested to know what motivated Adrian and Andrei to join the F5 IT team as interns and all three’s general view on their first week with our team.

What kind of software development do you like the most? (web, mobile, gaming, security)

Mihai Lita: For me, I must say that web development is the most appealing, but I’m always trying to keep an open mind and try new technologies.

Adrian Mocanu: I don’t really have a preference for a particular kind of software applications, but I do enjoy any application that turns out to be a challenge for my problem-solving capabilities.

Andrei Nicoara: I think all software development is interesting, but my favourites would be gaming and web.

What made you decide to join the Internship program?

Adrian: The main reason behind my decision to join the internship program was to start applying what I have learned during college in real life applications. Besides that, I also wanted to start learning from and share knowledge with experienced programmers.

Andrei: I was motivated by my curiosity for working in the field and the fact that I want to develop my abilities as a developer.

What did you learn during your first week?

Mihai: I’ve learned about F5 internal procedures and standards, but also found out something new in AngularJS.

Adrian: During the first week we have learned about the three distinct types of technologies that combined together make complex real life applications possible. Those technologies are: the database management system, we learned to work with DBMS SQL Server and with Transact-SQL, the server side, we learned to build REST services with Visual Studio and C# and last but not least, the client-side, where we learned to create single page applications using AngularJS, a powerful Javascript Framework. First, we learned each of these technologies independently so that in the final training day we could combine them by building a dummy application.

Andrei: We learned the basics of web applications development, as well as the technologies used within F5 IT.

Which programming language are you most eager to start working with?

Adrian: Well, I could say that I am most eager to start working with Javascript, more precisely with AnguarJS, because I am not that familiar with it, as I am with C# for example, or with client-side programming as a whole.

Andrei: All programming languages seem to be necessary and useful. To me, the most interesting seem to be Javascript and C#.

Given your experience as a developer, what advice can you give Andrei and Adrian for a successful career in the field of IT?

Mihai: My advice for Andrei and Adrian is to never stop learning because IT industry is constantly changing, you must adapt in order to stay up to date and you should never stop to challenge yourself in order to succeed in any organization.


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